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The proposed capstone project intervention aims to increase awareness on PTSD among the veteran population. The summative evaluation method will assess the impact the intervention had on the veteran population and its successfulness. When assessing outcomes, it is important to identifying the independent and dependent variables of the study. According to the National Library of Medicine (n.d.), “independent variables are what we expect will influence the dependent variables and the dependent variable is what happens as a result of the independent variable”. In this situation the independent variable is the quality of education provided to increase awareness of PTSD and the dependent variable is the veteran population. The expected outcomes are for veterans to have an increased awareness for symptomology of PTSD and ability to identify resources and interventions for their needs should they pursue treatment. Evaluating these outcomes starting with staff first will assess whether teaching methods are successful, and the quality of the education is substantial to improve awareness among veteran patients. Staff outcomes will also determine if they feel they have an improved ability to provide trauma informed care and assess their willingness to advocate for spreading awareness to patients within the community.

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