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A human tongue creates a personal connection with a specific product. A particular taste reminds an individual of an old memory or even taking back a childhood memory. One of my favorite recipes that bring back my childhood memories is the American Apple Pie. It reminds me of when every time the school closed and my siblings and I came home with a good performance, our father always drove us to town, and everybody got an apple pie. It was only during this time that we had an opportunity to go to town; this was how my father celebrated our good performance. Suppose my father came home with an apple pie by any chance, we knew he was in town, and there was something to celebrate as a family. This has made up-to-date connect apple pie with achievements that call for celebration.

Marketers should focus on capturing the feelings of their customers using their brands by making them create memories. When advertising, they should show pictures of the brand that will make individuals feel good and always feel jingling once their brand is mentioned (Michael, 2022). This behavioral approach is closely related to the story of the dog and the bell. It should be the same case for customers, and marketers should take advantage of such situations to make more products. For example, a restaurant may focus on selling traditional foods downtown, which is not present in other restaurants. This makes it sell more foods since individuals who get in to take food take this food and bring back their childhood memories. They will then, at times, visit the restaurant with their childhood friends to experience the memories together. In such a case, when customers hear of the restaurant’s name, they quickly have a good feeling and memories connected to its meal. Therefore, through its products, the restaurant will have attracted a certain percentage of customers, which is an effective branding strategy for attracting and retaining customers.

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One of my favorite recipes to this day is an Argentine dessert called ‘Pastafrola’. It is a sweet-tart pie with a marmalade filling and a sugar crust. This is a staple in my family and is a recipe my mother still makes every month. When I was a child, I would remember waking up to the smell of the sweet aroma of the sugar crust in the air. It was the best because I would wake up and instantly know today would be a good day. I would sit on the couch with the family and watch cartoons or movies while the pie was baking, when it was done we would have it for breakfast, and then have some for after dinner. Most times, the Pastafrola was made on the weekend, or a special holiday or birthday. The times my mom would make it just brings back sweet memories.
A way marketers could try to tie these into branding strategies is by making commercials for the baking ingredients. For example, they could make a commercial for the flour that’s used to make it. A family could be celebrating while the mom is in the kitchen making the pie along with some other festive eats like empanadas and quiches. They could also make a commercial for the marmalade itself. You can use it to eat with a charcuterie board so perhaps make a fancy commercial where a family is eating cheeses with grapes and the delicious marmalade. Honestly, anything on the screen that would remind me of this, would make me want to bake it every day.

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