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The final focuses on four cases related to fair use (plus a bonus!). Your task on each question is to analyze and argue whether the use of copyrighted material in the case is fair use or not.

Your analysis must include consideration of each of the “four factors (Links to an external site.)” of determining fair use that we have discussed in class. There is no “correct” determination of fair use in these cases. Your response will be assessed based on the strength of your analysis of the four factors and your argument, which will incorporate that analysis. Is it clear that you understand the factors?

You can use anything online for your response, but you must cite websites if you use information from them in your response. A simple link in parentheses will do (like this).

Your response for each question should follow a format like this:

1. What is the main issue?

For example: A screenshot from an instagram post that contains a copyrighted photograph is used in a blog post. The question is whether the blog can claim fair use for it’s copying and posting of the photograph.

2. Factor one. Name the factor and how it applies in this case (if it does).

3. Factor two. Name the factor and how it applies in this case.

4. Factor three. Name the factor and how it applies in this case.

5. Factor four. Name the factor and how it applies in this case.

6. Final determination. Is this fair use? Briefly explain your argument by incorporating your analysis of the factors above.

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