Research Prospectus – HISTORY 1302

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history report and need guidance to help me learn.


The Research Prospectus builds upon your work done in the Research Topic Assignment and covers an approved topic in American History 1302. The goal of the assignment is for the student to refine a research project, select useful sources, and develop a research methodology.


The Research Prospectus builds upon the work done in the Research Topic and covers an approved topic in American History 1302. The Research Prospectus must give an overview of the research topic, is the topic too broad or too narrow? If so, how will it be resolved. Describe the research methodology employed, note potential difficulties in conducting the research, and present a working thesis or hypothesis.

The Research Prospectus should also review available sources, including their strengths, their weaknesses, and the way that they can be used in your research. The Research Prospectus must include a bibliography of ten academic sources. (The Research Topic Assignment was about a special topic; the Research Prospectus Assignment describes how you will do further research.)

Your assignment will be checked for originality through the College plagiarism tool.

The Research Prospectus must have the following:

  1. Cover sheet (giving the course number and name, your name, and the semester/term)
  2. A 2-page proposal narrative (described above); and
  3. A 1-page bibliography listing a minimum of 10 academic sources.
  4. Double Space, 12-point font, Times New Roman.

*Bibliographic citation example:


Meacham, Jon. American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers and the Making of a Nation. New

York: Random House, Inc., 2006.


Dugan, James and Carroll Stewart. “German Defenses and Allied Intelligence.” The Airpower

Historian 9 January 1962: 1-20.

the assignment of the research topic is attached below so you can see what the topic is

dallas college database:…

Research Topic can include academic sources from the following databases from the Dallas College Library or directly through the Internet:

  • ProQuest
  • Academic Search Complete
  • American History Online
  • American History and Life
  • Oxford Scholarship Online eBook in History
  • Project MUSE: Humanities & Social Science
  • Sabin
  • Library of Congress: Chronicling America
  • Internet Sources to avoid:
    • Infobase
    • Huffington pos
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