RESPONSE: 1-1 Discussion: Car Shopping as a Project 349 (GR)

DBR1-1 (GR)


Hello everyone, my name is Glyn and I am working towards a bachelors degree in business administration, concentration in project management. I am aiming to be done sometime in the December/January timeframe. I work full time as a procurement representative at a major theme park in southern California, and have worked in food and beverage purchasing and logistics for a total of 9 years.

Five Project Management Process Groups

1 Initiating: The initiation phase establishes the who, what, when, how and why of the procurement. In the case example, the initiating factor is that Abby is 16 and is in need of a car. Her parents are involved and will be carrying out the procurement.

2 Planning: The planning phase started when Bill and Sheila were researching specifics about the kind of car they wanted. Body type, safety features, price and technical qualities were examined and researched through the use of websites and industry reports.

3 Executing: Execution of the procurement started when the family went to the dealership to test drive different models of car. Each model they tested was evaluated according to the scope that they had established during the planning phase.

4 Controlling: Controlling of the procurement happened when the family was discussing the differences between the C2 and C3 models of the Toyota Prius they were interested in. The scope of the procurement had changed due to Abby wanting a different model than the one her parents had settled on. Abby was upset that her parents weren’t budging, and her parents were upset that she was upset. In order to solve this problem, they decided to go with the model that Abby wanted.

5 Closing: The closing process started to take place when Bill and Shelia ironed out the specific options they wanted and eventually bought the car.

The requirements of this procurement were that the car had to be new, safe, reliable and a good value for a number of years.

An alternative type of contract that could have been used could be to have leased the car rather than buying it outright. The contract would specify the amount of miles allowed to be driven as well as the condition that the car would need to be in upon completion of the lease. This is an option for people who might not want to settle on one car for a number of years.

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